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Annual General Meeting
November 27, 2023 @ 3pm-5pm (AEDT)​

Address: Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, Uluru Room,

John Gorton Building, King Edward Terrace, Parkes (Ngunnawal Country) ACT 2600 Australia

Register here to attend either online or in-person

Special Guest Speaker - Laura Waterford, Director, Pollination Group - See presentation here

Links to Key Documents

       ​Motion to increase membership dues

         - Motion for 2 new honourary life members

         Nominations for the 3 open Board positions are: 2 current Board Members, 1 from government house, and 1 from non-                       government house have renominated: Fleur Downard - DCCEEW and Basha Stasak - ACF.  The nomination for the remaining           government house representative is Mary-Anne Healy from Department of Environment and Water (South Australia). ​

  • Mary-Anne Healy

         Mary-Anne is the Director, Community and Nature Partnerships at South Australian Government Department of Environment             and Water. Mary-Anne is passionate about connecting people to nature helping them to value and understand how important             nature is to our survival. Mary-Anne has extensive experience working with community on environmental matters in both                   Governement and non Government sectors and has extensive board experience both on government boards as well as NFP             and purpose-driven organisations.

  • Basha Stasak

        Basha is Nature Campaign Manager at the Australian Conservation Foundation(ACF). She is passionate about influencing                system change to create positive social and environmental outcomes. Before joining ACF, she worked in state and federal                  politics, social enterprises, and grassroots organisations. Basha holds Bachelor of Laws and of Business and was recognised            as the 2011 Western Australian Young Environmentalists of the Year.

  • Fleur Downard

        Fleur currently leads the International Environment Section in the International Environment, Reef and Oceans Division of the            Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water. Fleur has previously worked as a          qualified lawyer in private practice from 2001-2008. After completing a Master of Environmental Law in 2010 she joined the                former Department of Environment and has worked primarily across the environment and water portfolio areas for the past                twelve years.She is currently the Commonwealth Government Board member for the Australian Committee for the                              International Union for Conservation of Nature.  In 2021, she led the government’s engagement in the International Union for            Conservation of Nature’s World Conservation Congress, was the National Convenor for the UN Food Systems Summit and                was a delegate to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Conference.  She also leads the government’s                      engagement with the United Nations Environment Programme and will be part of the delegation to the United Nations                        Environment Assembly in February 2024.  Her section also leads on other cross-cutting international environmental                          organisations and processes, including the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, the G20 Environment track,            and the OECD Environment working groups.

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